Ringworm is common in many animals, and horses are no exception! 

Ringworm is a type of fungus that presents itself as hairless patches with crusty, scabby skin, usually circular in shape and are most common on the face, neck, shoulders, crest and under the saddle and girth, however they can appear anywhere on the body. Occasionally the affected areas can be sore or itchy, but most commonly cause no discomfort at all, which is why it can be difficult to notice on its earlier stages. 

The difficult issue with Ringworm, is it is highly contagious to other animals and people, and can live on the surface of tack, equipment, stalls etc, for months. 


  • Remove hair from the infected area. Since the fungus grows along the upper layer of skin and hair, so removal of the hair will aid in combating the infection. 
  • Shampoo the horse with Equiderma Sulphate Free Neem Shampoo and leave on for up to 1 hour if able. Rinse well and dry. 
  • Once dry, apply Equiderma Skin Lotion and leave on.
  • Keep the area dry, clean and allow it to air out. Do not bandage as most fungi thrive in the dark, wet, humid conditions. 
  • Repeat this treatment daily until condition has resolved. This can take up to two weeks depending on the severity.

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