About OA Equine

About Us

OA Equine is a division of Offshore Acres, a small, family-run horse boarding business focusing on providing our horses with an optimal environment to ensure all their needs are met, in the most natural, yet safe, way we can.

This means that the horses at Offshore Acres have ample turnout, and limited indoor stall time. Because of this lifestyle, which we believe is extremely important to our horse’s physical and mental health, our horses are outside in a variety of weather conditions, from excessive wetness and snow storms, to dry heat and drought. With this lifestyle comes the potential for skin conditions, and (as we have learned) even the most perfectly planned paddocks, with impeccable drainage, ample shelters and food sources; our horses will still find ways to get into trouble with their skin!

I personally, am the lucky owner of a Chestnut Thoroughbred mare with three gorgeous, tall white socks. This also translates to a sensitive-skinned horse, with lots of pink skin on her legs! My journey with this horse has led me to Equiderma after many failed treatments of other products. After seeing the efficacy for myself with my sensitive mare, I began using their products on my other horses and I found I was turning to Equiderma for many common ailments and even for routine skin and coat care.

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I know I am not the only one who has struggled with skin conditions in horses, and I wanted to share my stories and successes of these products to others, in hopes that we can help their horses, too! I struggled finding online retailers local to Southern Ontario for Equiderma, and with that, OA Equine was born.