Wound Care

Wounds and horses are two words that come hand in hand. Horses are notorious for getting themselves into trouble, and luckily, we have products that can help you help your horse heal!

*Please note – our products do not take the place of veterinary care. Large, gaping wounds, wounds that appear infected, wounds that will not stop bleeding, wounds that also present with lameness, and any wound near or on a joint needs immediate veterinary attention.**

Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment is the perfect addition to your equine first aid kit! Wounds on horses, particularly the lower legs (below hock and knee joints) are notoriously slow to heal, due to the nature of their anatomy and lack of underlying muscle. Because of this, “proud flesh” is a definite concern for wounds on the lower portion of the legs. 

What is proud flesh? Proud flesh is a protrusion of granulation tissue from wounds as they heal. Why is this a problem? If left unattended, proud flesh can interfere with the horse’s movement (depending on location), which can impact performance. It also will leave a bump or unflattering appearance to the limb where the wound once was. Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment has shown incredible results in the treatment of horse wounds and help aid in the prevention of proud flesh. 

What makes Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment different than other products that claim to aid in the prevention of proud flesh? Equiderma, unlike other known products, do NOT contain caustic substances that also destroy healthy tissue as well as the less desirable proud flesh. Equiderma will encourage wound healing, while discouraging the production of proud flesh. With proper use it will accomplish the following:

  • Aid in the treatment and healing of infected and superficial wounds on horses (and can also use on other animals, too!)
  • Protect the wound against bacterial and fungal conditions, which are typical in the stable and outdoor environment.
  • Prevents the growth of proud flesh 
  • Helps repel insects – Calendula and Neem are natural insect repellants which are found in our Equiderma Calendula Wound Ointment.
  • Calendula has also been shown to aid in healing by increasing blood flow to the injury, and aids the body in producing collagen proteins used to heal skin and connective tissues.

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